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Saint Florian Leather Co.



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Elevate your culinary experience with our unique, handcrafted Firefighter Apron. This one-of-a-kind apron features distinctive leather accents and can be customized with your name or department's initials. Handmade from safe, clean cotton fabric, the tan color mirrors the look and feel of a real turnout coat worn by Fire Fighters (please note, they are not fireproof).

Designed for functionality, this apron boasts 2 large divided pockets for utensils and a convenient RADIO/BEVERAGE holder. Suspender colors, depend on availability but usually come in blue, black, or red, for a touch of personalization. Additionally we offer customization with patches you provide, included in the price. Choose between sewing on two patches or opt for just the American flag. Have questions or specific requests? Feel free to reach out via our contact us page. 

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery, though it may arrive sooner.

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